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    Space-Age Refrigerator, 1965

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    This is cute.

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  4. Tattoo ideas…

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    Ohne Titel, 1999
    by Christoph Rust

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    Behind the Scenes: 2001

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    The Chapel Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France - Le Corbusier

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    jorge ayala/ surface proliferation by Jorge Ayala | Ay_A Studio, via Flickr

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  14. The installation for my MA show “Sine Nomine” at AUB is coming together after many weeks of planning/expenses.

    To say it’s been a labour of love would be an understatement also. I’ll be finishing it off tomorrow if all goes to plan. I’ve been fortunate to have a few skilled friends help to complete my vision.

    The wires mark the inverted topographic levels of the Branksome Chine at 1:500, with a walk I took being represented by projection mapping underneath the ‘canopy’ being constructed here. RGB colour patches representing the coordinates at which I stopped to take photos will be projected.

    My hope is for those who visit the exhibition to be lost in the installation and to at least in some degree change the way in which people think about the way they document their journeys. I also wish to share my first impressions on visiting the Chines of Bournemouth, a series of narrow ravines with a very organic and magical landscape. 

    My hope is to complete the installation tomorrow and to be left in a competent position for the Sine Nomine exhibition at AUB to open this time next week. 

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